Young Media Managers Ranking Once Again Brings Young Industry Leaders and Professional Community Together

On 23rd July 2014, an event was held in the Digital October centre with support from the Kommersant publishing house to mark the publication of the Young Russian Media Managers 2013 Ranking. For the second year in a row, the most promising media managers aged 35 or younger, leading experts, journalists and business representatives came together to celebrate the young professionals’ success and discuss the latest industry trends.

The event, which has now become one of the highlight of the industry’s annual calendar, was attended by around 100 participants in the ranking and representatives of the professional community, all of whom are now creating and defining the Russian media landscape.

In July, the leading global executive search firm Odgers Berndtson, in partnership with PwC in Russia and with the support of communications company Mikhailov & Partners, presented the results of the Young Russian Media Managers Ranking for the third year in a row.

2013 was a year of major changes in the media. New appointments at every level in the market and in virtually every holding company resulted in the renewal of most management teams and the discovery of a whole range of new names: 40% of the managers in the ranking had not been included before, while the total number of participants exceeded 200 for the first time. These changes and other issues in one of the most vigorously developing industries were discussed during the meeting by young leaders and recognized experts.

The evening’s entertainment included a formal part and a summer buffet, which is becoming not only a way of celebrating acknowledged achievements, but also an important platform for networking between two generations of specialists. As is now traditional, each participant in the ranking received a diploma.

The business programme was opened by Elina Rytseva, a partner in the entertainment and media corporate services practice at PwC in Russia, with a presentation entitled “Key Trends in the Entertainment and Media Industry – What to Expect by 2018”, in which she spoke about the state of various segments of the media market and the industry’s short-term economic prospects. The presentation was based on PwC’s annual Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, which has been published in Russian for the past 7 years.

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During the second section, Roman Tyshkovsky, managing partner and head of the media practice at Odgers Berndtson, gave recommendations on how to build a career over the next few years in order to be at the peak of demand on the employment market. The presentation was based around the seven most frequently asked questions received by Odgers and Berndtson’s consultants from leaders and promising managers in recent months: What to do in a crisis? How to become a CEO? Is it better to join a start-up or remain in a big corporation? Is it worth going abroad to work? And if so, where?...etc. In addition, based on the previous year’s experience and a study of demand and career moves, Odgers Berndtson, as the biggest company in the field of executive search and assessment, draws up a forecast of market demand for professional competencies. A graphic slide entitled “Level of Demand for Managers” shown at the very beginning of the presentation demonstrated which competencies in which segments will be the most highly sought-after, resulting in a shortage of specialists.

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The full version of the presentations by Elina Rytseva and Roman Tyshkovsky can be viewed in the Materials section of the project website.

Every year, the ranking methodology committee consisting of industry experts publishes a Manifesto describing the main challenges and trends in the media industry. It can be accessed via this link.

To conclude the business part, the organizers put together a special video surprise for the participants in the ranking: they decided to find out what the very youngest upcoming generation knows about the media and the work their parents do. Newspapers, Internet, news, advertising, journalists – the assembled guests found out what the children of the ranking participants and their colleagues know about these things in a video clip specially filmed by Artman Group.

The full list of participants in the ranking can be found on the website at:

A photo report of the event can be viewed by following this link.

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About the rating:

Since 2012 Odgers Berndtson, in collaboration with PwC and with support from Mikhailov & Partners, has compiled the annual Russian young media managers rating, based on an assessment of professional achievements and future career prospects. The main aim of the project is to identify and draw attention to young professionals (up to the age of 35) who will most likely be driving events on the media market over the next 3-5 years. In the short term, the industry will experience a natural generational change, which means it is important to identify and boost the professional weight of young leaders in the sector and their real achievements.

About the methodology:

The original rating methodology was devised by Odgers Berndtson on the basis of its in-depth industry expertise and many years of experience of recruiting senior executives in the Russian media industry. Audit and consulting group PwC acts as an independent consultant for the project. Potential participants must be no older than 35 (inclusive) at the start of the two-year rating period. Each manager’s individual score is based on five factors: his or her competitiveness, professional achievements, peer recognition, an assessment of short-term commercial prospects of the media sector in which his or her employer operates, and demand for the manager’s position.

This scoring methodology makes it possible to include in the rating not only prominent media figures, but also people who normally only receive recognition from other professionals or industry analysts.

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