Russian businesses and American investors.

On October 27 and 28, the New York Stock Exchange hosted the Russia Business and Investment Summit. The aim of the event was to establish a dialogue between Russian businesses and American investors.

This first-ever summit attracted many prominent Russian businessmen, as well as leading international experts and investors. Attendees included Helen Teplitskaia, president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce; James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank; Steven Lawrence Geiger, Chief Operating Officer, Skolkovo; Diederik Zandstra, head of International Listings at the NYSE Euronext; and Dmitriy Zimin, founder of VimpelCom. One of the sessions was moderated by Ellen Pinchuk, director of International Projects at Mikhailov & Partners.

At the conclusion of the summit, Ellen Pinchuk noted that Western investors see a great deal of potential in the Russian market. Diederik Zandstra, in his presentation, agreed with this sentiment, saying that the summit is only one layer of a strategic program. However, many investors are deterred by the lack of legal protections and well-defined, unified “rules of play,” which characterize the Russian market. However, all participants were in agreement that such events are crucial in order to create an environment of mutual understanding and effective dialogue.

At the conclusion of the summit, participants were able to join in the symbolic opening of the New York Stock Exchange: together, they rang the famous bell on the legendary balcony overlooking the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange.

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