People of the World: How to Create an International Reputation – Ellen Pinchuk Holds Master Class in Discussion Club

19 March 2013, Moscow - Over 70 representatives from major Russian and global corporations came together for a meeting of the Mikhailov & Partners Discussion Club and Cabinet Lounge in the club’s offices on Novaya Ploschad.

The theme on this occasion was “People of the World: How to Create an International Reputation”. Ellen Pinchuk, director of international projects at Mikhailov & Partners, shared her unique expertise in the field of international positioning with guests of the Discussion Club, focusing in detail on the aspects that need to be taken into account to build a successful image abroad.

One of the points made by Ellen was that the key to successful communication with a foreign audience is understanding its mind-set and stereotypes. “You need to find the right equivalents to convey information with precision – cultural differences must not be underestimated.”

During the event Ellen highlighted many examples and cases from her own practice and answered numerous questions from the audience. Summing up her presentation, she said “It’s important to grab stereotypes by the throat and not be afraid to destroy them”.

The discussion lasted for over two hours. After the business part was over, the Discussion Club’s guests stayed behind to continue socializing in a more informal setting.

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