Nikita Mikhalkov to Take Part in Conference “Producing in the Age of the Attention Economy: How to Tell Your Story”

On May 29, 2013, film director and people’s artist of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov will take part in an international conference entitled “Producing in the Age of the Attention Economy: How to Tell Your Story” as one of the key speakers in the general plenary session.

In his speech Mikhalkov will share his view of how to make a film today about Russia that is both accessible and dear to the hearts of millions of people, of how to create patriotic cinema that respects the history of the country and the people, the present and future lives of different generations.

“Patriotism is about loving what is yours and helping others to appreciate what you yourself love, and being happy that you have it”.

Drawing on examples from his film work, Mikhalkov will talk about the phenomenon of “cinematographic foresight”, the historical role of the cultural community in the moral and spiritual upbringing of the generations, responsibility for preserving ethnic and cultural traditions etc.

For the first time, the famous director will talk about the making of Legend No.17 - not only a spectacular film, but a “cinema legend” that has inspired feelings of pride and patriotism.

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