Moscow Marks Publication of Young Russian Media Managers Rating 2012

On June 26, 2013, an awards ceremony was held to mark the publication of the Young Russian Media Managers Rating 2012 in the Cabinet Lounge club office, with support from CTC Media. The best young media managers met Alan Mutter- an expert in media economics and management in the media, and a lecturer in the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California - and discussed the changing media landscape.

In May, the leading international executive search firm Odgers Berndtson, in partnership with the PwC audit and consultancy group and with support from communications company Mikhailov & Partners, published its Young Russian Media Managers Rating 2012. The rating identifies the most promising and professional young leaders (up to 35 years of age) in the sector – people who have already achieved significant success and will most likely drive events in the media market over the next 3-5 years. This year, the rating featured a total of 191 media managers, including 45 new names. For the first time, some of the managers listed achieved the highest AAA category, which is assigned to those who maintain their personal scores for at least two consecutive years.

Roman Tyshkovsky, partner and media practice head at Odgers Berndtson, originator of the project: “This rating is the first project for Russia based on objective measures of success of individuals and the companies in which work, rather than on expert voting by various groups of specialists. For us, a person’s real contribution to business success is much more important than their publicity. Our many years of experience suggest that this approach helps to identify new, high-potential specialists who have already achieved a lot and will tomorrow dominate the industry.”

More than 100 young media leaders assembled to celebrate their success and discuss the future of the industry. The event, which included an awards ceremony for those named in the rating, will be held annually and bring together managers from Russian television, radio and print projects to discuss the key global trends and technologies in the media and how to build a career in a changing industry. The general partner of the event this year was CTC Media.

Natalia Yakovleva, partner of the communications, high technology, entertainment and media practice at PwC in Russia: “The impact of digital technologies on the way companies do business is becoming ever more obvious and their spread in itself is no longer a key topic for discussion. I think a much more relevant issue today is how companies in the sector are monetizing the new opportunities and operating in the existing “digital realities”. In this context, qualified managers in the industry take on a special role, and thanks to the rating of the most promising young media managers we can honour the best amongst them”.

“Transformation of the Media and Communications: Where are we Going?” – this was the subject of the opening debate, which was part of the evening’s formal proceedings. The first meeting between the young professionals and the expert community was devoted to current trends in the Russian media environment. Invited to open the debate, world-class expert and media futurologist Alan Mutter shared his views on the medium-term future of the media and the impact of change on what is expected of media professionals.

Alan Muttter, expert in media economics and management in the media, lecturer in the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California: “Digital technologies are changing not only the way we receive new information or find entertainment – they are completely changing customer behaviour and sales techniques. These changes will inevitably impact the business models used today by most companies in the media industry, as well as companies in the consumer sector of the economy.

Companies that fail to react to these changes in good time risk confronting a reality in which the business models they use rapidly become ineffective. As an example, I would mention current developments in the US print advertising market: sales on this market are currently down 50% from their peak of $49 bn in 2005. To succeed in today’s environment, companies need to respond quickly to the consumers’ needs and give them exactly what they expect - there’s no other way.”

Alan Mutter is the COO of InterMedia, one of the biggest cable operators in the United States. He was previously editor of the Chicago Sun-Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, and has headed several well- known Silicon Valley start-ups (Best Internet Communications, Instant Objects, SealedMedia). He now advises leading media companies, teaches in the University of California and keeps a blog on the changing media landscape (медиа (

Konstantin Khachaturov, deputy general director of organizational development and business support at CTC Media: “The media industry today is experiencing a global restructuring of business models and a reappraisal of values. To maintain market leadership it is extremely important to be the first to develop and implement new ideas, to apply best international practice, to experiment and to think out of the box. We are delighted that 11 members of the CTC Media team have been included in the rating. This is the largest contingent of any TV company, and all of them are high-potential young professionals who will be setting the trends in the media market over the next 3-5 years. I’m confident we will find opportunities to make full use of their creative and managerial potential.”

The event was also attended by leading Russian industry experts, journalist and members of the business community. The full rating list can be found at:

For a photo report on the event, follows this link.

About the rating:

Since 2012, Odgers Berndtson, in collaboration with PwC and with support from Mikhailov & Partners, has produced an annual Young Russian Media Managers Rating, based on an assessment of professional achievements and future career prospects. We aim to draw attention to those who have already achieved significant results in their work and who tomorrow will most likely realize their fully potential at a new career level. As the first analytical project in Russia based on objective measures of success by individuals and companies, the rating is particularly valued in the industry.

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