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For the fourth time Mikhailov & Partners’ Moscow office team held a master class for students from PR faculties at universities in various cities around Russia. The event was run as part of the 8th international youth forum on public relations - MoscowPRWeek 2011 http://mprw.ru/ , which took place in Moscow on 26-30 September 2011.

The master class was led by Mikhailov & Partners’ experts in the fields of corporate, internal, CSR and digital communications. Our colleagues shared their experience in communications & reputation management, as well as strategic consulting. They also spoke about innovations and the key trends in the industry.

“Developing a professional sector is one issue that communications market leaders pay a lot of attention to throughout the world. Mikhailov & Partners has been involved in training young specialists for many years: our experts give lectures and hold master classes in top Russian universities and institutes, and regularly meet young specialists and students during forums such as MoscowPRWeek. We are always glad to see talented young people in our company and hope that our experience will be both useful and interesting for them”, commented Juliana Slascheva, President, Mikhailov & Partners.

Also as part of Moscow PRweek 2011, students from the PR faculty of the Moscow State International Relations Institute (MGIMO) attended a lecture by Asya Pomeranets, Director, CSR, Internal and Digital Communications Practice at Mikhailov & Partners. There she spoke about the fundamentals of PR, communications in the Russian context, and the ethical aspects of public relations work.

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