Mikhailov & Partners to Support Main Communications Event of 2013

An international conference “PR Days: Producing in the Era of the Attention Economy: How to Tell Your Story” will be held on 29th May 2013 in Moscow’s SKOLKOVO School of Management. 
For the first time, the traditional PR Days forum will have a wider focus than the PR sector alone and will be devoted to a topic of relevance to every area of contemporary society, from culture and the arts to business and politics. 
At a time when the information economy is being superseded by the attention economy, in which the competition is no longer between information channels, but between stories that command public interest, the skills in greatest demand are not only about creating original ideas, but also about producing them – translating ideas and images into real projects that transform the environment in which we live. 
Futurologist, philosopher and political scientist Francis Fukuyama will talk about why it is becoming more and more difficult to convince people to believe in change, the potential repercussions of the credibility crisis and how to overcome this “great gap”. 
Hollywood producer and film director Paul Brown, who has written over 30 screenplays including the cult series The X Files, Quantum Leap and Star Trek, will share his experience of creating stories for all times with the ability to win the trust of millions of viewers. 
Russian experts will focus on successful projects in the media sphere and business. The conference speakers will include Sergey Kapkov, head of the Culture Department of the City of Moscow, Nikolay Fomenko, entrepreneur, creator of the Marussia supercar and the Russian Formula-1 team, Anton Lange, photographer and producer, Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Russia Today, and Andrey Boltenko, head director at Channel One TV. 
“Today we are seeing just how much our profession is changing: communication tasks are becoming more challenging, audiences have ever greater expectations and it is more and more difficult to retain their attention. Communication professionals are now required to be competent in other fields: more and more often we act as producers, creating unique projects and telling corporate, personal and national stories. This is why, having been given the opportunity to work on the conference programme, we have drawn on the experience of colleagues in the media and cinema industries,” said Juliana Slascheva, President of Mikhailov & Partners. 
The conference will continue a series of round tables in which PR professionals discuss their experience of successful communication projects involving the promotion of companies and corporations, regions and cities at federal and international levels, trends in the development of new media and their role in shaping the current information agenda. 
Sharing his expectations of the event, Stanislav Naumov, President of the Russian Public Relations Association, said: “The PR Days forum aims to become Russia’s biggest discussion platform for communication professionals. We believe that this year’s experiment will be a success, providing conference participants with a further source of inspiration for successful work and professional development”. 
You can find out more about the conference programme and purchase tickets from the website www.prdays.ru
About the PR Days Conference 
PR Days has been held every year since 1996 and is a key industry event, covering current trends, the impact of politics and business on the PR sector and the role of communications in contemporary society. www.prdays.ru | Facebook

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