Mikhailov & Partners Support Forum “PR Vector: Developing External and Internal Communications in the ICT Sector”

For the first time following a three-year break, the PR Vector conference (previously known to communications specialists as PR Line) was held in Moscow on 11th July 2013. The key conference section, entitled Communication Between State and Society via PR: Are There “Translation Problems”?, was moderated by Alexey Ryabinkin, managing director of Mikhailov & Partners.

Taking part in the debate, which touched on every significant aspect of the industry from new legislative initiatives to working on the industry’s image, were Ekaterina Osadchaya, director of the external communications department at the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Vladimir Pikov, head of the press office at the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecoms, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roscomnadzor), Vladimir Kalinin, heada fo the press office a  the Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz), Kira Kiryukhina, director of the public relations department at  Rostelecom, Elena Didenko, head of public relations at the Russian Post, Igor Stepanov, head of the press office at the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network, and Ekaterina Zaitseva, head of liaison with federal and foreign media at TTK Company.

The participants in the debate noted that to a large extent they find effective points of interaction with one another on the key issues in the industry’s development. PR specialists manage to smooth over potential conflict points in the industry through dialogue within the professional community without damaging the reputation of the telecoms sector in the eyes of the general public. There was great interest in a discussion of the “personnel problem”: all market players are experiencing a shortage of qualified and motivated young specialists willing to master the nuances of this challenging industry. Joint educational initiatives have therefore become another possible area of active collaboration between companies and government regulators.

Separate attention was paid to the question of how PR specialists can gain the trust of management, especially in state companies or government agencies. Drawing on their own experiences, speakers in the debate noted that only an ability to take risks, professionalism and a willingness to shoulder responsibility enable specialists in the communications sphere to address the issues they face.

“I’m delighted that we’ve had an open and professional debate. People enjoyed sharing their ideas, and on some issues they argued in a light and sometimes cheerful key. As a result, I think we’ve managed to cover the subject matter of the debate and even go beyond it by discussing several of the most topical issues for PR specialists in the telecoms industry. Another reason this is important is that the telecoms sector and the people working in it sometimes set the development trends in our profession”, said Alexey Ryabinkin at the end of the section.

The first open and positive debate of the conference set the right tone for the entire event: the participants succeeded in discus sing even the most complex issues in a light and constructive format. 

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