Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications: Educational Initiatives for Students

In March 2014, Mikhailov & Partners. Communication Advisors ran a series of educational projects for students of Russian universities and colleges in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

For students of the Russian State Humanitarian University’s faculty of history, political science and law specializing in public relations, Ksenia Trifonova, M&P’s Business Development Director, gave a master class entitled “The Russian PR Services Market: Structure, Players, Rules of the Game”.

“I myself studied in this faculty and remember how we lacked input from practitioners and had too little understanding of where and how we would be working and what we actually be doing. So I welcomed the opportunity to meet the students and use this master class to tell them about how the PR services market operates in Russia today and about the trends that will shape its future. We are well aware that in a few years’ time our young colleagues will be coming to work in an industry that has changed a lot in the past few years, and they need to be prepared for the new reality”, said Trifonova.

Meanwhile, our colleagues from Mikhailov & Partners’ Regional Projects Directorate have been continuing their annual programme of activities with students in St.Petersburg. In addition to the traditional work practice for students in the St.Petersburg office, this year specialists from the Directorate have delivered lectures and master classes in several universities and colleges around the city. Students at the St.Petersburg State University of Economics, the St.Petersburg State Electrotechnical University named after V.I.Ulyanov (Lenin), and St.Petersburg State University were given a unique opportunity to learn about the work of a communications company and the PR industry in Russia during a series of lectures by Alexandra Karmaeva, Director of Regional Development, Mikhailov and Partners Strategic Communications. Olga Bezrukova, head of events department in M&P’s St.Petersburg office, was one of the guest expert lecturers in the Benois House educational centre, where she shared her experience of organizing events with students in an intensive event management course.

“For a long time now, communications have been not only and not so much about the traditional interaction with the press and “communicating information”. By participating in the programme and including event management in the communications orbit, we are preparing our young colleagues for the fact that they will have to be able to take an integrated approach and know their way around various spheres. The students themselves say the practical exercises during the series of lectures were most effective”, stated  Bezrukova.

As part of an educational programme run by AKOS and the Higher School of Economics, Mikhailov & Partners held a special workshop for students in the company’s Moscow office. Ellen Pinchuk, Director of International Projects, and her team shared their experience of delivering communication programmes, taking examples from their own practice. After a short lecture we invited the students to work on a number of specially devised cases and to test themselves in the role of PR manager.

In addition, Ellen Pinchuk held a master class for students and lecturers from Moscow and St.Petersburg as part of the “Open World” all-Russian competition school of professional excellence in developing public relations, organized by the Moscow State Linguistic University.

“It’s very important to share your practical knowledge with young people and draw them into the profession. Yes, we have experience, expertise and an understanding of strategies and trends, but young people have the unique energy and drive that are essential in our work. They also belong to the upcoming generation that is just about to join the audience of active consumers. This is why we are always delighted to share our skills and welcome young people in our team”, said Pinchuk.

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