Mikhailov & Partners Share Findings of Study on Main Communication Trends in Russia

The 11th Baltic PR Weekend international conference - the biggest communications sector event in Eastern Europe – was held on 22-23 September in St.Petersburg, bringing together over 400 public relations professionals from 10 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

During the plenary session on the first day of the conference, the President of Mikhailov & Partners. Strategic Communication Management, Juliana Slascheva, spoke about the main communication trends. Juliana’s speech focused on how the political landscape is impacting the business environment and highlighted two main factors: the complex and ambivalent electoral period, and the mounting global financial and economic crisis. Under the influence of these factors, the business environment is seeing international deals being completed at an accelerated pace in advance of the elections, giving rise to the danger that these deals could be interpreted as political arrangements rather than commercial transactions. In this connection, the following main communication trends were highlighted:

  • A growing need for companies to position themselves on the international market
  • An increased role for crisis communications and GR.

In her speech, Ms. Slascheva also noted that in the current situation of instability companies are devoting particular attention to their priority audiences and taking their publicity very seriously. This means that the demand for communication training and personal positioning programmes is greater than ever before.


The Baltic PR Weekend international conference has been held annually since 2001, attracting a total of over 4,100 specialists from 22 countries.

The conference is a joint project of the Russian Public Relations Association (RPRA), the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and the SPN Ogilvy communications agency. Partners of The Baltic Weekend 2011: URALSIB Finance Corporation and Megafon; general information partner – “Vedomosti” newspaper; official conference radio – Business FM; general Internet partner – Mail.ru; official Internet partner – Sostav.ru.

Detailed information on the project, the programme and the speakers is available on the conference’s official website: www.bprw.com.

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