Mikhailov & Partners Senior External Affairs Manager Maria Markova Talks about the Work of a Modern Press Office

On 21st May, as part of an education programme by the “RSM on Air” media and information shift, held from 12th to 24th May at the “Smena” National Children’s Centre (Krasnodar Region), Maria Markova, senior external and internal communications manager at Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications gave a master class on the work of the modern press office for young journalists from 85 regions of Russia.

“One of Mikhailov & Partners’ key values is strategic thinking, and this was our starting point when tackling each of the practical case studies presented to participants in the master class. We have also developed the skills required for rapid response to changes in the media environment and proactive behaviour in crisis situations. I wish all the participants good luck and am confident that the knowledge they have gained will help them to build successful careers in the future”, stressed Maria Markova.

Organised by the Russian Child and Youth Centre, the Russian Schoolchildren’s Movement and the “Smena” National Children’s Centre. The “RSM on Air” media and information shift brings together 300 pupils from Grades 6 to 10 – representatives of school press offices and prize-winners of the Focus photography project. Smena’s aim is to help develop children’s press centres in educational establishments through training pupils in the basics of journalism and working in the media environment. During the programme, the future media specialists will learn how to “conduct themselves” on camera and how to make interesting content, as well as attending master classes on montage, graphics and online PR and an intensive course on photography.

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