Mikhailov & Partners Participates in Russian Advertising Week – 2014

Ellen Pinchuk, deputy general director of Mikhailov & Partners, and Ksenia Trifonova, the agency’s business development director, took part in Russian Advertising Week 2014.

Russian Advertising Week is one of the biggest events in the industry and draws a diverse audience – from acknowledged industry leaders to young professionals working in advertising and the creative professions, the mass media and marketing communications. The three-day conference focused on key trends, practices and techniques in the industry.

As part of the event, Ellen Pinchuk participated in a discussion of the most outstanding and successful cases, during which she presented the Brooklyn Nets: From Russian with Love project.

“That case was chosen for a reason. We decided to share with the audience our expertise, built up over many years, in positioning the image of a Russian entrepreneur abroad, because now, more than ever, there is a very strong demand for experience of international cooperation. The situation in the world today requires special attention and specific skills. We hope that our know-how will be of value to colleagues and will be applied in practice in the future”, said Ellen Pinchuk.

Ksenia Trifonova spoke on the subject of trends in the PR industry and the future role of the profession.

“It is always difficult to talk about the future, especially in the current situation. But summarizing the trends and highlighting possible development paths for the profession is particularly important at a time when the environment to which we are all accustomed is changing fast. Despite all the challenges, it is possible to win in these circumstances. The most important thing is to identify every potential future trajectory”, commented Ksenia Trifonova.

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