Mikhailov & Partners Participates in International Conference on Role of Communications and Corporate Media in Strategic Company Management

Ellen Pinchuk, deputy general director of Mikhailov & Partners, has taken part in the 12th annual international conference “The Role of Communications and Corporate Media in Strategic Company Management”, devoted to the topical subject of transforming communications in times of crisis.

Participants in the event discussed the importance of developing communications in Russia and the world, analysed how the crisis has changed business and how that has affected the profession’s status and prospects, and reviewed the key achievements and trends in the communications sector.

Taking part in a debate entitled “Evolution of Business = Evolution of Communications: Growing  Understanding of the Importance of Communications in a Crisis”, Ellen highlighted the following topic: “Intelligent managers are already now thinking about how to boost their market share, how to begin positioning themselves correctly in the new environment to prepare for the day when the market turns around, and to establish the positions they seek. Every step has to be anticipated.”

In addition, we are now facing a particular challenge as management efficiency and process optimisation lead to changes inside companies. Internal communications are therefore a key tool for company management at a time of crisis.

Ellen also took part in a discussion panel entitled “Image Abroad: New Challenges and Solutions”, where she made the point that it is not enough simply to talk in your own language and to know who you are – you also need a profound understanding of the person you are talking to. She stressed that there are numerous that exist outside of politics, such as sport, culture, science and many others, and it is wrong to assume that all the working processes linking the Russian and western markets have ground to a halt. People are continuing to work irrespective of today’s political context. 


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