Mikhailov & Partners Launches Virtual Library

We want to tell you about a new, interesting and – for us - important project. All of Moscow’s progressive media has recently reported the launch of a virtual library in the city’s Underground system.

When using the Underground it is now possible not only to reach your destination quickly, but also to make enjoyable use of the time you spend travelling. Passengers are already accustomed to the free Wi-Fi that has been available in some Underground stations since the summer of 2013. By the end of 2014, the network will be expanded to cover all lines and stations. Thanks to this technology it has become possible to start work on the latest project and launch the virtual library.

Posters have already been put up in Underground stations displaying QR codes that lead to a dedicated website where you can read or download around 100 Russian classics – works by Gogol, Bulgakov, Lermontov, Kuprin, Pushkin, Chekhov and other writers. The number of stations from which the service can be accessed will continuously increase and expand throughout the year.

To use the library you need to download an app for reading QR codes and e-books onto your smartphone or tablet. The QR code gives passengers access to the Underground’s library website. The books can be downloaded free of charge in various formats (Epub. FB2, Adobe Acrobat and PDF) or read on line. The selection of books in the library will change, and the passengers themselves will be able to influence this by completing a feedback form on the library website.

Although the library is still in trial operation, we can already see from the number of visits and downloads just how high the level of interest and demand for this service is amongst passengers. We hope that new books will be added to the library on a daily basis and that it will become a source of inspiration and enjoyment to all.  

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