Mikhailov & Partners is #1 among Russian PR agencies in the global PRovoke 2020 ranking (the Holmes report)

Mikhailov & Partners Group has risen to 111th position in the ranking of the largest international PR agencies, Mikhailov and Partners holds the top position among Russian agencies since 2017.

«Day by day we work on providing our clients with the top quality service, we solve complex and challenging tasks in their interests. This constant and targeted work allows us to hold top position and improve our results in the prestigious and respected rating in the industry, ” noted Alexey Ryabinkin, Mikhailov and Partners Managing Partner.

PRovoke (The Holmes Report) — is the most prestigious and respected rating in the industry, assessing the real weight and effectiveness of public relations consultants around the world. The key indicator of the rating is fee income. The rating takes into consideration the results certified by the leading audit companies.

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