Mikhailov & Partners Discussion Breakfast: Communications Work in the Asian Markets, including China

26th June 2014, Moscow – Representatives of Russian and international companies assembled in the Cabinet Lounge club office for a meeting of the Mikhailov & Partners Discussion Club.

The theme of the meeting was communications work in the Asian markets, including China. It has now become obvious that many companies are showing great interest in the Asian markets and, following the business sector, communications experts are studying the media environment and the way in which our profession functions in that region.

To talk about how the media operate in China and Hong Kong we invited journalist Brian Yeung.

Brain Yeung is a well-known Chinese journalist who has worked at different times for Yazhou Zhoukan, the Hong Kong Economic Journal and the Hong Kong Economic Times. He has extensive experience of covering international events, including some relating to initiatives in Russia and the activities of Russian companies.

Brian spoke about China’s media landscape, regional variations, how to work with journalists in Hong Kong and continental China, the system of media control and other market traditions.


Ellen Pinchuk, International Projects Director at Mikhailov & Partners, and Anna Kasimovskaya, Project Team Leader, shared their professional perspectives on the specifics and rules of working in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India.


“Very soon now, for many companies the Asian markets will become priority number one. And if we are looking to the East, we need to understand the market, the traditions, the regional aspects within each country and the history of relations between the Asian nations”, noted Ellen, summing up her presentation.

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