Mikhailov & Partners Deputy CEO Ellen Pinchuk to Talk about Positioning of Organization Leaders

On 15th March, Ellen Pinchuk, Deputy CEO of Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications, will deliver a paper entitled “Reputation of Organization Leaders: Best (and WORST) Practice” during the Reputation Audit: The Past and Future of Communications round table of the 7th Sociological Grushinskaya Conference.

Every year, the Sociological Grushinskaya Conference presents for discussion by the professional community the latest achievements in social and marketing positioning techniques, the results of forecasting of various aspects of social life, and the very latest trends in the development of the research industry in Russia and worldwide. The Reputation Audit: The Past and Future of Communications round table aims to discuss the most topical issues  in reputation audit practice, including criteria for defining optimal research strategies, the need to conduct an “open” study or audit using only legendized questions, sampling requirements, interpretation techniques, when to apply standard approaches to assessment and when it is necessary to initiate a search for characteristics best suited to a specific market and situation, and many others.

“The size of an organization’s reputational capital today is a direct function of the correct positioning of its leader. With a good monitoring system, it is not difficult to conduct a reputation audit of the leader’s activities. What is much more challenging and interesting is to create a reputation that will become a target of evaluation in the future. So during my presentation we will look at various positioning formats and archetypes of heads of organizations, as well as best and worst practices and their impact on the sustainability of business development from the standpoint of human sciences”, stressed Ellen Pinchuk. 

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