Mikhailov & Partners Deputy CEO Ellen Pinchuk Speaks at PR CLUB MGIMO

On 23rd March, as part of a programme of lectures at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations’ (MGIMO) PR Club, Ellen Pinchuk, Deputy CEO of Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications, spoke about how to win attention in an age of information overload.

In a lecture based on numerous practical cases, Ms Pinchuk and club members discussed how to stay noticed amidst a constantly growing flow of information and a rapid decline in consumer concentration, and looked at communication tools that can make a deep impression on target audiences today.

“In our work we always try to identify key insights and build on them to offer our clients creative solutions that help them remain at the centre of attention despite information overload. I’d like to thank MGIMO PR Club for the invitation and was delighted to be able to share the experience I’ve gained with future communication industry professionals”, said Ms Pinchuk.

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