Mikhailov & Partners Announces Rebranding

Brand’s design idea is based on Mikhailov & Partners’ core competence: throughout its history stretching back almost 20 years the consultancy has helped major global and Russian companies to create strong public images that enable businesses to achieve their strategic goals.

The new logo combines five bright colours (yellow, orange, pale blue, purple and coral) blended to create recognizable images standing for wisdom, strength, success, reliability, conviction, and commitment to development and growth. The logo has been designed as multi-optional: there are currently six variations to which more will be added over time.



The new brand reflects Mikhailov & Partners’ core values, which have been nurtured throughout the company’s history: strategic vision, creativity and empathy.

“We understand businesses of our clients and the objectives they pursue. We focus on helping companies to bring about real changes for the business within and without. Despite our history going back almost 20 years we remain a young and very dynamic team. While operating in a rigorous business environment we’re not afraid of devising unconventional solutions and new techniques,” stresses Alexey Yudin, Director General of Mikhailov & Partners.

The brightly colored logo and design is balanced by a more reserved black-and-white photostyle, which the new Mikhailov & Partners brand inherits from the company’s former identity.



The rebranding is part of the new strategy adopted by Mikhailov & Partners last year, as the previous brand no longer matched the scale of the company’s projects and did not fully express its expertise. The consultancy’s new ambitious goals also required a more modern and dynamic visual expression reflecting its core competence and values.



The entire project to create the new Mikhailov & Partners brand, from formulating the brand strategy to devising the design concept and its applications, was handled by VMKR, a Russian brand consultancy.

“From the branding and design perspective it’s sometimes unclear what value consulting companies are creating for their clients: their business is about addressing a wide range of multifaceted objectives, which is hard to reflect in the corporate identity in a succinct form. Furthermore, consulting is a fairly conservative industry, and that imposes additional limitations on the variety of the visual language we as branders can use to create identities that stand out. As far as the Mikhailov & Partners brand in concerned, we’ve managed to capture the company’s complex competence in a modern and meaningful visual metaphor - synthesis of images” noted Svetlana Gorevaya, Director General at VMKR.

About VMKR

VMKR is a brand consultancy with a unique experience in creating and implementing brands in all areas of business.

The company brings together an international team of acknowledged strategists and designers with experience in major global and Russian branding agencies.

VMKR’s past projects include development and implementation of the Russian Railways brand, creation of a brand for SCR, Armenia’s national railway network; design concept for the Franco-Russian Dialogue Association; re-branding of TTK telecommunications company; brand development for INNGREEN, a chain of health and leisure resorts; rebranding of Gornie Mashiny mining machinery producer; brand design for the Right Cause Russian political party and Russian presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov, etc.

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