Mikhailov & Partners Announce Creation of Holding Company to Manage Communications Assets

Mikhailov & Partners Group shareholders have decided to consolidate all their communications assets under the management of a new holding company called NOVACOM Group. The new holding will include both companies that have grown out of the Mikhailov & Partners Agency business and communications companies or shareholdings in communications companies subsequently acquired on the market and operating independently of the Mikhailov & Partners Group. Alexey Yudin, who previously held the position of President of the Mikhailov & Partners Group, has been appointed President and General Director of the NOVACOM group.

The shareholders have also approved the NOVACOM Group’s development strategy, which aims to actively grow the Group’s share of the communications market in Russia and the CIS by merging with major market players and making new acquisitions, amongst other things. In addition, the NOVACOM Group will provide support to key clients of the Group’s companies, ensuring efficient 360° service.

The creation of the new holding will not affect operations in the subsidiary companies, which will continue to work under their own brands in line with their existing business models.

The most important assets under NOVACOM Group management today are: 

Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications Management Agency – the biggest communications consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe;

MultiTEC — one of Russia’s leading independent advertising agencies;

Agency One — an independent Russian digital agency;

ERA — one of Russia’s biggest agencies in the events management sector;

BTS — a boutique agency that specializes in brand creation, management and valuation;

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CENTER - a company that specializes in sociological and marketing studies, media analytics, information and analytical support for communications campaigns.

The shareholders have also approved a new brand and corporate style for the NOVACOM Group. The brand design project, from creating the platform to developing visual solutions and brand usage rules, was carried out by a team from branding company BTS.

The Group logo is designed to demonstrate, on the one hand, continuity with the logo of the Group’s historical core company – Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications Management agency, and on the other, the holding’s growth in all segments of the communications market and its commitment to seeking innovative solutions to lend further impetus to the development of all Group companies. 

 “The Russian communications market today is going through a time of major changes, driven not only by the dynamic development of modern technologies, but also by the economic and political situation in the country. To maintain market leadership, it is essential to ensure maximum attention to the clients’ needs, frequently offering them new and non-linear insights into addressing their communications challenges. Scouring the market for new and ambitious teams capable of devising original and effective solutions for our clients will therefore become our priority. Communications groups nowadays have to not only provide quality services in response to client requests, but are becoming ever more involved in developing their clients’ businesses. This is the approach that underlies our Group philosophy”, said Alexey Yudin, President of NOVACOM Group.

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