Mikhailov & Partners and Brand Analytics to Broaden their Cooperation

Leading consulting firm Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications and Brand Analytics, developer of the CIS’s leading mass media and social media analytics system, have announced that they are to broaden their cooperation to prioritize the use of social media tools and analytics in the Digital PR industry as a whole and for clients of Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications in particular.

The decision to scale up collaboration to all areas of the Agency’s activities was taken on the basis of long-term and successful cooperation between Brand Analytics’ experts and Mikhailov & Partners Digital Communications practice. The partnership plans to use Brand Analytics’ technologies and expertise to deliver joint projects in a range of areas

  • public and industry studies;
  • market promotion of up-to-date media measurement standards and metrics for Digital PR;
  • development of new analytical products for clients of Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications;
  • training and certification of Agency staff in the use of the Brand Analytics system.

“As communications industry leaders we are constantly tracking key market development trends in order to devise the best solutions for our clients. It is vitally important for us to maintain highest standards of service, and one of the things that make this possible is using the leading social media and mass media monitoring and analysis system created by Brand Analytics. We are now taking our collaboration up to the next level and are ready to create new joint products that will address a number of strategic challenges for our clients and for the communications market as a whole”, said Svetlana Gorevaya, CEO of Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications.

“The rapid evolution of Digital PR is a challenge for the communications industry, which it will be impossible to address without advanced technologies. We at Brand Analytics are ready to take on the role of industry technology partner. Using our analytical tools to reinforce the expertise of one of the market leaders - Mikhailov & Partners - will not only produce dividends for the Agency’s clients, but will also put the leader’s experience at the service of the entire Digital PR industry”, commented Natalya Sokolova, CEO, Brand Analytics. 

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