Mikhailov & Partners and Bloomberg organised a forum entitled “Back to Business: Russia”

A forum entitled “Back to Business: Russia”, organised jointly by Bloomberg and Mikhailov & Partners, was held in London on 23rd September 2015.
Senior executives from major Russian companies and global investment funds met in Bloomberg’s offices. The Forum consisted of three sessions featuring lively debates about investment opportunities in various sectors of the Russian economy.
“As specialists in strategic communications, we always try to be one step ahead of the agenda and to offer our clients unique expertise and new opportunities. We wanted to create a platform to promote the development of business in Russia and have partnered with Bloomberg to build contacts with the international financial community. The basic idea of the Forum was to create an atmosphere of open and direct engagement between business and the investment community. We think the first “Back to Business: Russia” forum was a success, because we can see a mutual interest in continuing the dialogue, and we think this event could develop into a cycle of similar meetings.” – Svetlana Gorevaya, CEO, Mikhailov & Partners. 
“For Bloomberg, this Forum is the best way of telling our clients and terminal subscribers about the opportunities that could present themselves through interaction with Russian business. We’re seeing a lively response and realise that this is a genuinely interesting subject, and Bloomberg, as a platform, aims to supply data about the very latest trends in the financial sector. We hope we’ll be able to scale this format up to other financial markets as well.” – Luca Marchi, Head of External Relations, Bloomberg.
In the first section, which focused on Growth Areas in Modern Russia, speakers from Inter RAO, Transtelecom and Severstal discussed issues around current business performance, optimizing costs while maintaining quality, and, of course, investment in Russian “capacities”. Despite the economic crisis, there are still some local and national companies that continue to grow and produce results. 

The audience displayed a keen interest in the second session, which was about opportunities to invest in new areas that are developing strongly in Russia – for example, the world’s only Underground system with a Wi-Fi network, which is something we have Maxima Telecom to thank for.
In a discussion about investments, representatives of Unicorn Capital Partners and ONEXIM Group agreed that there is currently a large number of undervalued assets with great growth potential and that the time has come to act. 
“This Forum was very important: we discussed the risks and advantages of new investment opportunities in various sectors of the Russian economy. I would like to note the positive atmosphere in which the Form was held and the extent to which both the participants and the organizers were open to discussion. This dialogue serves our common interests - it helps us to choose an optimal strategy and to lay the foundations for further development of joint projects between Russian and foreign companies.” – Sergei Moiseyev, Managing Partner, Unicorn Capital Partners.

A discussion of Russia’s financial landscape in the current economic circumstances by leading experts from Sberbank CIB, VTB Capital and Renaissance Capital triggered a debate about shaping a new environment at the global level. The current trends in the global economy are not going unnoticed by any country or any market, which means that closer communication between representatives of business, countries and the financial community is essential.
Commenting on the “Back to Business: Russia” forum,  Charles Robertson, Global Chief Economist at Renaissance Capital said: “For the investment community, holding an event like this is a signal that the Russian market is alive, active and ready for greater attention on the part of financiers”. 

The guests of the Forum - over 100 representatives of leading investment and financial organizations in London – were particularly impressed by the opportunity to communicate directly with the speakers in an informal setting and their willingness to answer questions, share forecasts and discuss the latest trends in the Russian and global economy. The Forum was broadcast via Bloomberg’s Live <G0> terminals to an audience of over 325,000 people and could be watched live in Bloomberg’s Moscow office. 

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