Master Class by Sergey Novikov, Communications Director at Rosatom: Transforming the Image of Atomic Energy - Focus on Safety

A meeting will be held with Sergey Novikov, Communications Director at Rosatom, as part of a course of lectures entitled “Communications in the Energy Sector: Corporations and Media in the Same Market”, at 20:00 on Wednesday 28th November. Sergey’s subject will be “Transforming the Image of Atomic Energy: Focus on Safety”. During the master class there will be an opportunity to discuss the most important issues facing the industry:

· The Fukushima effect. What future for atomic energy?

· Environmental safety or economic efficiency?

· What to do if people don’t believe it is safe?

As always, the event will be held in Lecture Hall 103 at the Journalism Faculty of Moscow State University.

You can register for the lecture by following this link:

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