Master class by Juliana Slascheva at Alexey Bokov’s School of Event Productions

On May 20, almost the entire class of the “From A to Digital” module programme gathered together in Alexey Bokov’s School of Event Productions to attend a master class by Juliana Slascheva, president of Mikhailov & Partners. Juliana spoke about the top trends in humanitarian technologies as a whole and in the communications sector in particular. She noted, for example, that every sphere of public life from politics and economics to business and art is currently experiencing a global crisis of trust, in which major initiatives and projects that would seem important for solving various problems fail to gain support from the general public.

To overcome this, in Juliana’s opinion, the priority today is precisely and correctly to design and tell a story that will generate trust amongst the target audience. This goal can be achieved through integrated solutions, synergies between different spheres of humanitarian knowledge and a wide range of competencies - often on the interface between allied professions - that need to be mastered by any modern public relations expert.

The master class ended in a lively debate with students from the School, in which Alexey Bokov also took part.

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