Launch of, a Unique Information Analysis Source

May 26 — Mikhailov & Partners. Strategic Communications Management and Bliss Pro announced the launch of — a unique information analysis and discussion portal designed to serve as an opinion journal providing exclusive newsworthy content. is the first publication in the Russian internet building its foundation not on the pure news, but on the widest possible spectrum of opinions on current issues. represents the ideas of active users and educates the reader about events in Russia and worldwide, provides the audience with expert opinions on important and relevant matters, and allows the visitors to discuss hot topics with the expert community and ultimately share or reject existing views or develop their own opinions.

A recognized authority and an industry leader in strategic communications in Russia, Mikhailov & Partners closely watches international trends and strives to use the latest communications technologies and tools for the benefit of its customers. Rapid emergence of web 2.0 in Russia and the analysis of international trends in digital communications were the key factors driving the company to reinforce its posture in the Internet and create the unique portal in partnership with Bliss Pro.

Kirill Martynov, Executive Editor of, shares his view of the new portal: "Our web site builds on the hottest news and events covered by top media and actively discussed in blogging communities. We are trying to focus not just on any news but on those most relevant topics which are not only of interest today but perhaps have been actively discussed in the media for a while. We prefer topics discussed in blogs, forums and social networks over news in traditional media."

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