Famous CNN journalist Richard Quest has visited SKOLKOVO

On Saturday, 10, famous journalist and presenter of program “Quest means business” on CNN Richard Quest has visited the Campus of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. The visit was organized by business-school SKOLKOVO and PR-agency «Mikhailov&Partners. Strategic communication services”. Quest’s meeting with students and guests of the Campus has lasted longer, than an hour: there seemed to be no end to the questions of the auditory, while Richard Quest didn’t get tired from answering them.

Everything had to begin with the lecture. But there was none. Quest loves talking to people, not teaching them, that’s why the whole meeting went in the form of the dialog. No wonder: it was the dialog that has brought Quest his fame. Today many politicians and businessman make a point of appearing on Quest’s programme to left results. Recent guests include Tim Geithner, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission President, Christine Lagarde, French Finance Minister and Head of IMF. But at SKOLKOVO the roles have changed: it wasn’t Quest who was asking the question, it were the students who interviewed him. The students wanted to know everything from Quest’s opinion about some economic realities and ethical moments of journalist’s work to his preferred model of the telephone.

“You know so much about business, why not to start your own business?” – asked one of the students. “I will tell you a secret: I just don’t have the balls for business. I can tell you everything about the reasons for the Dow Jones index collapse or about good sides of the quantitative easing of Federal Reserve System of U.S., but all my attempts to invest money into something have always failed”, - said Quest. “You’re those who will make the future and the money. Once you’ve made it, remember me!” – added the journalist.

Some of the students’ questions were truly provocative, so at the end of this meeting Quest has left a message in his twitter, that he had hard time answering them. Even if he did, nobody noticed anything: everyone was really happy at the end of this lecture.


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