European PR Congress 2012: Managing Reputational Risks and Designing Anti-Crisis Strategies

For the seventh time, communications company Mikhailov and Partners. Ukraine will be the programme partner for the European PR Congress, the biggest event in the communications sector of the CIS. The Congress, which will take place in Kiev on 12th October 2012, will be organized by the Ukrainian Association of Public Relations (UAPR) and will focus on Managing Reputational Risks and Designing Anti-Crisis Strategies.

This year, the Congress will be based around an exchange of experience and practice in managing reputational risks by major global companies with a presence in Ukraine. The event will also include presentations by leading international research companies.

Marina Starodubskaya, member of the Board of the Ukraine Association of Public Relations (UAPR), Managing Partner of Mikhailov and Partners. Ukraine and moderator of the European PR Congress 2012:

The subject of reputation management has generated keen interest amongst PR specialists for the past 10 years, but it has never been as topical for our industry as today. At least 5 of the key international PR conferences in 2012 are devoted to creating and protecting corporate reputation.

The world’s key economies are experiencing serious upheavals, competition for the consumer is intensifying and local communities are making ever greater demands on business. In today’s world the ability to manage reputational risks often determines a company’s ability to maintain its market position, and sometimes - to survive.”

Each year, the European PR Congress ( brings together around 200 representatives from major companies in Ukraine and the CIS. In the course of the Congress’s 7-year history, it has been addressed by over 50 specialists and experts from more than 10 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Turkey, France, Belgium and Austria.

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