“Enjoying Old Age” Foundation Launches New Website with Support from Mikhailov & Partners

The new website of the Enjoying Old Age (Starost v radost) charity for the elderly and disabled was launched on 12th September. It was developed as part of Mikhailov & Partners’ corporate social responsibility programme.

Since 2011, the Enjoying Old Age foundation has been providing systematic and integrated support to lonely pensioners and disabled people in old folks’ homes and nursing establishments. Currently active in around 200 old folks’ homes in more than 20 regions of Russia, the Foundation has helped over 15,000 lonely old people since it was created.

The need to improve the Foundation’s communications tools, of which its website is the most important, arose quite recently as a result of its rapid growth and expansion into new fields of activity. In 2015, an integrated project was launched to redesign and update the content and organization of the Foundation’s website. The result is the convenient interface of its new version, enabling any visitor to learn in detail about the Foundation’s work, about upcoming events and projects they could become involved in, and about how to help those who are most in need of support.

The address of the Enjoying Old Age website is: http://www.starikam.org/

“We really have been dreaming about a new website for a very long time and have been looking for someone who could turn our familiar working tool into a website where everyone can find something of interest and get information about our new programmes, achievements and future plans. Today I’m absolutely thrilled and grateful to everyone who has helped make our dream a reality. This is a great boost to our common cause of helping the elderly and the disabled,” said Elizaveta Oleskina, Director of the Enjoying Old Age charity for the elderly and disabled.

“We are delighted that our professional expertise has helped the Enjoying Old Age foundation to create a new version of its website and we hope that this will make it possible to expand its network of volunteers and partners and to attract additional resources for the fascinating projects that the Foundation has planned for lonely pensioners and disabled people all over our country,” said Svetlana Gorevaya, CEO of Mikhailov & Partners.

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