Ellen Pinchuk, Deputy CEO of Mikhailov and Partners, Talks about the Keys to Mutual Understanding in Cross-cultural Communications at Plekhanov Russian Economic University’s “Integral” Business School

Ellen Pinchuk, Deputy CEO of Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications, has given a lecture entitled “Cross Cultural Communications: The Keys to Mutual Understanding” in the Integral business school at the Plekhanov Russian Economic University. The business school trains professional elites in the fields of management, financial management and marketing, while also offering Doing Business in Russia internships for managers from other countries. Its programmes are underpinned by many successful years of training professional managers on the basis of Russian and international standards, and open up unlimited opportunities for employment and career development in Russia and abroad.

“For successful cross-cultural communication it’s important to have a keen appreciation of the other person’s cultural background and to take it into account, while also understanding what we are saying, how we are saying it and what are doing while we say it. Working in an alien environment throws up additional challenges and requires thorough preparation to achieve good results. We run projects in over 25 countries, have enormous experience of building successful intercultural communications, and know how to deal with these challenges and approach these complex tasks in a professional way - from astute analysis to appropriate use of humour and semiotics in cross-cultural communications,” stressed Ellen Pinchuk. 

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