Eduard Voytenko to Head up Regional Development at Mikhailov & Partners

Eduard Voytenko will take up the post of Regional Development Director at Mikhailov & Partners. In his new role he will be responsible for expanding the company’s presence in the regions, developing its offices in St.Petersburg and Vladivostok, and running regional projects of national significance, including electoral projects.  
Eduard joined the Mikhailov & Partners team in 2014 and head the Government Relations & Lobbying Practice, which is responsible for representation and advocacy of clients’ interests in state and local government agencies, political consulting, and analytical and strategic support for projects involving interaction with government agencies in Russia, the CIS and other countries.   At the start of his career he worked in the security services and then in major media holdings (Kommersant, TASS) and consultancy agencies (IMA GROUP, CROS). Since 2008, he has been directly involved in many public-policy, state and business sector projects in the form of media and advocacy campaigns.
In his new role Eduard continues to develop expertise of Government Relations & Lobbying Practices and assumes the functions of the company's regional development.
All changes in the Company entered into force on the 26th of January,2015.

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