Discussion Club Meets Ellen Pinchuk

The Mikhailov and Partners. Strategic Communications Management discussion club got together for one of its regular meetings on December, 6. On this occasion, the company’s clients and friends met in the Belka bar for a discussion on handling the international media. Mikhailov and Partners’ international projects director Ellen Pinchuk, who is also an accomplished speaker and journalist, spoke about some of the subtleties that have to be taken into account when working with the foreign media.

When talking to a foreign audience, for example, Ellen recommended looking for equivalent terms and concepts that it would find familiar, addressing it in a language it understands. “Don’t approach things purely from your own context – never underestimate the differences in the way information is perceived by different cultures and outlooks. At the same time, Ellen pointed out that one should not ignore the existence of stereotypes and gave a number of recommendations on how to correct journalists politely but firmly.

At the end of her presentation, Ellen Pinchuk set out the basic rules of interaction with foreign journalists, and reminded everyone that when you open your door to a journalist you have to be prepared for any question. You must be prepared in advance for a discussion of the most delicate subjects and analyze what questions you might be asked. In the course of the evening Ellen mentioned many examples and cases from her own practice and answered numerous questions from the audience. This ensured a smooth transition from the formal to the informal part of the meeting, after which the discussion on the subtleties of communicating with foreign journalists continued on the veranda of the Belka bar.

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