Discussion Breakfast on “Media Trends through the Eyes of Media Industry Leaders"

A discussion breakfast on the subject of “Media Trends through the Eyes of Media Industry Leaders” will be held on 27th November. It is being organized by Mikhailov & Partners jointly with Finparty.ru information resource.

We have invited leading Russian TV journalist Aleksandr Lyubimov to talk about the major changes taking place on the media market.

Aleksandr Lyubimov, general director of RBC-TV channel:

Aleksandr is a well known TV journalist and producer, who has been general director at RBC-TV since 2011. In the past he was a presenter on the Vzglyad programme (Central TV Channel 1, 1987-1990, Ostankino Channel 1, 1991, 1994-2001), a founder of the ViD TV company, deputy general director of Russian Public TV ORT (2001-2003), president of Mediasoyuz (2001-2008) and deputy general director of the All-Union State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company VGTRK (2007-2011). He is a member of the Russian Television Academy foundation.

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