City Quest in Vyborg left no one half-hearted

On August 21, 2008, all employees of Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications Management left Moscow on the Leo Tolstoi train to have a most exciting and unforgettable corporate event in the ancient city of Vyborg, known for its dazzling medieval architecture and amiable residents.

Upon arrival on August 22, the visitors were divided into teams and instructed how to “conquer” the city. The game consisted of several tasks, and the teams often had to ask help from passers-by, taxi drivers, shop assistants, and even journalists from a local newspaper, which later published its own coverage of our event.

Using a city map and getting help from locals, the participants not only had to learn land navigation skills, but also demonstrated creativity, promptitude, inventiveness, sense of purpose, and team integration, all of which are so necessary in our daily work.

The award ceremony was held during the gala dinner in the upper court of the Vyborg Castle.

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