"Biscuit. Metamorphoses" Charity Ball at the Musical Olympus Festival

On May 21, Saint Petersburg witnessed the annual ball at the opening ceremony of the 16th International Musical Olympus Festival.

It's been the third year in a row that Mikhailov & Partners has been helping the Musical Olympus Foundation to host the charity ball. This year, the grand reception took place in Tsarskoye Selo World Heritage Site near St. Petersburg.

The ballroom concept featured unique white unglazed porcelain, or biscuit, as it is called in professional lingo.

Ball guests had an opportunity to enjoy biscuit exhibition of the Imperial Porcelain Manufacture and try their hand-painting skills on decorations and sculptures.

A group of "contact improvisation" dancers were entertaining the guests the whole gala night. Without dedicates stage in their possession, they used the most unexpected places for their performances. The most enchanting dance was performed on the surface of the pond.

An exhibition of Marina Bychkova's porcelain dolls was set up in the halls of Catherine Palace. This exhibition was brought from Canada exclusively for this event. Marina Bychkova's porcelain dolls are sought after by collectors all over the world and valued for their high level of detail, anatomical accuracy and magnificent dresses using jewels and wild pearls.

The ball was traditionally attended by some of the Russian and international celebrities.

Festival Information

16th International Musical Olympus Festival is takes place in St. Petersburg from May 22 till May 31. This year, the festival features 27 performers from 12 countries. Festival performances are staged in the best concert halls of the city including the State Hermitage Museum, Glinka Capella and the Grand Hall of the Philarmonia.

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