Autumn Event in Mikhailov & Partners Moscow Office

On Friday 10th October, staff at the Moscow office of Mikhailov & Partners gathered together to spend a day discovering the inspirational world of interior design…

Why? Because we genuinely believe that it is very important for communications experts to be in touch with the world of “creative industries” – new and dynamically developing areas with a major impact on the lives of city dwellers. Why do some hotels make us feel at home? Why do we want to go to certain restaurants again and again after work and to others only at the weekend? Does the logo in a company’s interior design say everything about the brand? Why do we find it easy to “write” in some spaces but not in others? How do you convey an idea through interior design? These were all things that we set out to learn on that work-free Friday.

In the morning, everyone met up at the office and team tasks – quest clues - were handed out. All the participants had to visit several locations around Moscow, where they were instructed to photograph anything – however small – that caught their eye, be it a decorative feature, an interesting design solution, lighting, an unusual texture or a colour combination.

Upon completing this test, our colleagues had a meeting with the irresistible Anna Muravina. Anna is a designer, executive director of the Association of Interior Designers, founder of MUGU Interiors design bureau, and one of the top 10 designers in Russia and the top 20 in Europe. In her lecture to the Mikhailov & Partners team, Anna talked about how the concept of an interior is born, where inspiration comes from and how even the most innovative idea can be embodied in an interior.

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As part of their practical assignment, the Mikhailov & Partners teams came up with a number of creative ideas that had to be implemented in the Company’s office premises. Together with the young designers, our colleagues immersed themselves in the work of a real design bureau, illustrating their ideas on boards and selecting textures, fabrics, colours and interior design solutions. In the end, we managed to present four very different design concepts, ranging from industrial to absolutely fanciful.

This event demonstrated once again just how much creative potential there is within our PR teams and the huge variety of tasks that can be successfully addressed by communications experts. 

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