Andrew Griffin

Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications Management and Alpina Business Books are publishing the first Russian edition of New Strategies for Reputation Management by Andrew Griffin, a well-known British reputation management expert.

The negative effects of the global economic crisis indispensably bring reputation threats to any business. External and internal risks become an everyday problem. Having to resort to quick cost cutting, many companies forget about the increasing risk to their key intangible asset, their reputation. Meanwhile, due attention to corporate image is no longer a rule of decorum but a rule of survival. In a time when the old practices become ineffective, reputation management calls for new strategic approaches.

"Andrew Griffin’s book is not a detailed guide to every possible situation. Instead, the author offers a new algorithm for building external and internal communications that will help a business to manage its reputation proactively and defend its public image," said M&P President Juliana Slaschova.


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