Alexey Yudin Appointed President of Mikhailov & Partners Group

The Board of Directors of Mikhailov & Partners Group has decided to appoint Alexey Yudin to the position of Group President. Alexey will also take up the role of CEO of the Group holding company in place of Igor Simonov. Igor Simonov will continue working within the Group as Chairman of the Board of Directors. 
Alexey Yudin was born on 26th June 1977 in Moscow and is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University. He also holds an MBA from Kingston University (UK).
Alexey’s career in strategic communications began in 2000. He joined Mikhailov & Partners in 2002 as a project manager, and for the past 13 years has worked his way up the Agency’s career ladder. Over a period of 15 years Alexey has been directly involved in delivering more than 400 communication projects in Russia and abroad. 
From 2010 to 2014, Alexey worked as CEO of Mikhailov & Partners strategy communications agency, where he devised and successfully implemented a 3-year development strategy based on restructuring the Agency’s business model in line with modern market requirements. During that period, the Agency greatly increased its revenue and income, while also becoming one of the most efficient companies on the market in terms of labour productivity.   In April 2014, Alexey was appointed Managing Partner of the Mikhailov & Partners Group, where he worked on shaping and implementing the Group’s development strategy, while also continuing to work with key clients including top Russian and global companies. According to the Holmes Report ranking, in 2014 Mikhailov & Partners became the biggest communications group in Central and Eastern Europe for the first time in its history. 
“It’s a great honour to be given the opportunity to work in this unique Group, setting guidelines for the entire Russian communications industry. The Group has the best team on the market, and I’m confident that in the coming years we will succeed in implementing all our plans together and firmly secure our unchallenged leadership in Russia,” said Alexey, “We will have to do all this at the most difficult time for the Russian economy. In order to turn a time of serious challenges into one of unique opportunities for the current generation of Mikhailov & Partners staff we will not only have to work hard, but also to think out of the box, continuously finding new and sometimes unexpected ways of developing the business and ourselves”.
“We are all delighted that Alexey has accepted the Board’s invitation to lead the Group. In Alexey, we have a unique combination of a top-class consultant and an experienced manager. Over the coming years, all of this will help the Group to achieve new heights in delivering its challenging and large-scale communication projects. We wish Alexey success in his new role”, said Igor Simonov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mikhailov & Partners Group.

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