Alena Georgobiani from Mikhailov & Partners Speaks at Silver Mercury Festival

On 8th June, Alena Georgobiani, Senior Manager in the International Projects Department of Mikhailov & Partners Strategic Communications, gave a presentation entitled “Challengment: How to Respond to the Challenges of the Era of Change” as part of the “PR. Time of Opportunities” session organized by the Russian Public Relations Association (PACO) at the Silver Mercury marketing communications festival.  Alena shared the following insight with the audience: “To manage professional challenges, we have to look at any problem as a task with its own input data, constraints and solutions, the best of which has to be found. It is particularly important to understand that in addition to personal responsibility, integrity and common sense, solving a task well always requires working in a team on the basis of three principles: transfer of skills, transfer of trust and transfer of responsibility.” 

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