1st international CSR summit held in Kyiv

The first international summit titled Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy and Best Practicesof Sustainable Development in Eurasian Countries took place in Kyiv on January 27. The conference was organised by the Russian Managers Association, the Graduate School of Management (St Petersburg), Kommersant Ukraine, the UNDP, the European Commission, and Global Compact Network Ukraine.

Issues discussed at the summit include effective CSR management, development of a systematic approach to CSR concept and practice, labour market trends, competitive advantage created by CSR activities, social strategies in the unfavourable economic situation, and CSR perspectives in current conditions.

Marina Starodubska, CEO of Mikhailov and Partners Ukraine, made a presentation CSR Trends in Ukraine. CSR Strategy Adjustment in the Current Downturn in the panel dedicated to public recognition of socially responsible companies. The presentation focused on the effect of the crisis on perception and assessment of CSR programmes and communications support for their alteration and optimisation.

The summit was attended by more than 200 top executives, representatives of international and non-governmental organisations, public authorities, business and political media, experts, and researchers from Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Norway, the United Kingdom, Poland, and other countries.

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