007 blasts onto the big screen today as Die Another Day opens across the UK. Be shaken and stirred by 25 action-packed stills from the film

After 40 years and in his 20th film, James Bond deserves a kick in the noughties. Kiwi helmer Lee Tamahori provides it.

The 90s saw the suave superspy become 007: licence to mildly entertain. In "Die Another Day", her majesty's finest regains his killer touch.

Sexy, funny and spectacular, Bond's first mission of the new millennium is one of the best of the series - not simply a great Bond movie, but a great Action movie, full stop. Yes, we were surprised too.

From the opening titles - the usual dancing girls, unusually intercut with the movie's action - Tamahori displays an admirable desire to get on with it.

In quick succession Bond is captured, tortured and sets out for revenge against North Korean renegade Zao (Rick Yune). He's soon facing off with Toby Stephens' sneering entrepreneur, foiling plans for world domination and getting jiggy with the mysterious Jinx (Berry) and Miranda Frost (Pike).

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