Digital communications

Digital channels have become an integral part of our clients’ basic communications portfolio: companies are actively expanding their presence in the social media, setting up dedicated business units with responsibility for SMM, and interacting with bloggers and opinion leaders on a part with journalists from the traditional media. We offer a “one-stop” service that includes devising and implementing offline and online communications campaigns, tailored to the task in hand. Our team of digital consultants helps the Agency’s clients to assess the effectiveness of their online campaigns and to develop new approaches to implementing communication strategies, with a focus on personalization. We use the most advanced digital tools to provide our clients with real-time two-way communication with their target audiences. 

We offer

  • Digital strategy development
  • Social media audit
  • Maintenance and promotion of communities in the social media
  • Online reputation management
  • Interaction with online opinion leaders
  • Targeting and personalization