Founded in 1993, Mikhailov & Partners was one of the first PR consultancies in Russia. The Company initially specialized in the kind of political projects that largely determined the future of business in Russia, generating new ideas and training many of the new generation of specialists. Mikhailov & Partners later shifted its focus to strategic communications for the rapidly developing business sector. Working alongside the Mikhailov & Partners team, the Company’s first clients learned how to handle their public relations and how to present their rapidly expanding businesses to both the expert community and the public.

As one of the industry’s pioneers, Mikhailov & Partners made a strong commitment to developing the PR profession in Russia. The Company was involved in founding the Russian Public Relations Association, initiated two professional publications: the «PR World» newsletter (1995) and the monthly magazine «So-Obschenie» (1999), established Russia’s first PR School — «Smart Enterprises Services Inc.» — under the aegis of the International Business School, and was amongst the first companies to ratify the Rome Charter, which sets out international standards for the PR industry.

At Mikhailov & Partners, we have always sought to enrich our profession with best practices from related industries. These efforts have not only helped Mikhailov & Partners successfully execute client projects, but have also resulted in recognition from the professional community. Mikhailov & Partners is a longstanding member of the Russian Society of Sociologists at the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1996), was awarded the first Silver Archer national public relations prize in the Best Business Project category (1999), and has been rated amongst the top communications companies in Russia («Top PR Agency in Business Segment» in ROMIR 2001 rating; «Best PR Agency in Business PR Category» in «Karyera» magazine rating 2004; and a leader in IPO support, according to 2007 and 2011).

The Company’s focus on developing the strategic communications segment has enabled it to acquire unique expertise in all key business areas and sectors of the economy. This experience has attracted the attention of international players, and in 2009 Mikhailov & Partners entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Burson-Marsteller global network. The development of this partnership, interaction with local players on foreign markets, and the expertise of its own offices in the CIS countries enable Mikhailov & Partners to support its clients’ projects around the world while retaining its strengths as a single consulting center in Russia.